A wardrobe can be acquired to suit your needs, tastes, and style. There are endless options to select from, so getting a few tips can be of great importance to help you decide on which one will suit your need and style. Here are some guidelines to help you while you choose.

Types of wardrobes

There are many types of wardrobes but generally can be classified into two. Fitted wardrobes and freestanding wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are built in a wall of your room while freestanding ones are portable, they are not inbuilt, and unlike the fitted wardrobes, they can be moved from one place to another. There different reasons why you might prefer one wardrobe type to another. 

A fitted wardrobe is a custom to your storage needs and theme of the room and style, and it can therefore be considered an ideal option for maximizing space. Fitted wardrobes are easy to incorporate into your style and can be used to hide awkward space. Freestanding wardrobes are fast to install and are available for matching other furniture in the room; for example, it is easy to purchase bedroom furniture in the same room as chest drawers. Freestanding drawers are also fairly cheaper than fitted wardrobes and don’t need much time to fix. 

For a good wardrobe brand, check out Tylko:https://tylko.com/shelves/wardrobe/, they have good products.

Wardrobe size

The size of the wardrobe should be proportional to the space allotted to it, and it should not be too small or too big to overshadow everything else in the bedroom, enough to take the storage need of the room. But remember, wardrobes are meant for storage, so don’t waste available space that can be used.

Know your dressing style

If you are a suit and a tie kind of guy, then you will need more poles and hooks more than drawers, and if you wear more jeans and tee shirts, then you might consider getting more shelves and drawers. Also, do you like a mirror to look at yourself while you dress in different outfits? If yes, then have a wardrobe with a mirror.

Style and theme

A wardrobe is an outstanding piece of furniture and therefore plays an important role in displaying the theme and style of the interior décor. The trick is to match the style of your wardrobe with the theme of your interior décor. This includes the detailing and the color of your doors.

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